Pupillary Distance (PD)

What is a pupillary distance (PD)?

It is the distance between the centres of your pupils (the blacks of the eye) measured in millimetres (mm).

Why is the pupillary distance measurement important?

To ensure that you are looking through the best spot of your spectacle lenses and ensure your glasses provide you with clear optimum vision.

How to measure your pupillary distance?

If you do not have an accurate record of your PD from your optician, it is easy to measure it yourself with a simple ruler.

Average PD for women is ~62mm and for men ~64mm, the range for adults tends to be between 54-74mm.

Please note that for reading glasses you would need to follow the same method below but subtract 2mm from the measurement so for example if the measurement is 62mm the PD for the reading glasses would be 60mm.


  1.  Stand in front of a mirror at a distance of around 20 cm (8 inches).
  2.  Looking at yourself in the mirror hold a ruler up against your eyebrows.
  3.  Close your right eye and align the ruler 0mm position to the middle of your left pupil.
  4.  Look straight ahead, open your right eye and now close your left eye.
  5.  The mm line of the ruler that aligns with the middle of your right pupil is your PD measurement.

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